Custom made for your event market

Aircast is a sophisticated mobile App that allows events fans to receive a live broadcast feed directly to any IOS or Android mobile device using a dedicated or existing wireless network.

Customer engagement is maximised as Aircast provides patrons the ability to view the live event broadcast stream in real time, and combine social media through a custom built App that can be downloaded in an instant.

Enhance the event experience!

Not only does Aircast provide event patrons a premium experience and added value, it also enables all event stakeholders and sponsors greater exposure and penetration into the lucrative event market.

This is done by enabling core advertising and event messaging without impeding on the event experience for the end user.

What we do

Aircast provide a bespoke, custom made solution to meet your unique event requirements. From inception through to completion we cover all areas of the project, including:


▸  Detailed Needs Analysis and Consultation

▸  Network and Technology Design and Planning

▸  Marketing and brand management

▸  Implementation and Delivery

▸  Management and Operations

Aircast App

Our App is custom built to provide each user a premium broadcast streaming experience that delivers the live event broadcast in real time and in high definition.

Our Trade Mark design automatically detects your customer’s location and proximity to the ‘Aircast Zone’ whereby the App can be downloaded directly to any mobile device allowing access to instant video streaming.

Wireless Network

Aircast can operate over any wireless network – either by leveraging off existing venue infrastructure or operating over a dedicated, purpose built network.

We encode and transmit all live streams onsite through a custom build network that is installed quickly and easily with no impact on event or venue infrastructure.

We partner with the best in the business and use the latest wireless technologies to enable our product to operate in high density environments, whilst requiring less infrastructure than other wireless networks.

Aircast features

In addition to providing event patrons a state of the art broadcast streaming
service Aircast also allows the end user access to the following features

▸  Live pause, stop and play

▸  Push notifications to inform patrons when they are entering an ‘Aircast zone’

▸  Extremely low latency over our customer built networks

For event organisers and stakeholders

▸  Internet options and high quality HD streaming in high density areas

▸  Customer branding to cater for each individual event

▸  User analytics and customer details for targeted marketing campaigns

▸  Sponsor advertising, marketing and broadcast messaging.

How it works

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