7 West Media

Aircast was recently installed at Channel 7 studios to provide a real time streaming service available to all staff including news and sport journalists access to the broadcast feed in real time.

This has enabled the production crew real time monitoring without the needs for IPTV or CATV services which are restricted to fixed TV monitors throughout the building.

V8 SuperCars

Aircast was installed at Sandown Raceway for Supercars to provide the technical garage a mobile streaming service. Aircast was recorded at 200ms – 400ms latency, 300% faster than their own streaming service.

Further validation showed that Aircast used 500% less bandwidth that V8 Supercars inhouse service which enabled greater density for end users.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Convergence Technology Group was contracted by Commonwealth Games Organising Committee to deliver the CATV/IPTV and network infrastructure  for the Gold Coast games in 2018.

As part of this project Aircast was deployed for the time at a multi-sport event to provide the media a real time streaming service where our IPTV service was not available. Aircast was not only lower latency than the CATV and IPTV services available to the public and media stakeholders, it provided end users the flexibility to move around the venue whilst having access to the live host broadcast feed.